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Africa requires countless skills to deliver on its human development targets and goals. Volunteerism and community service has been deeply integrated into Africa’s society whenever the need arises to care for the sick, organize weddings, assisting elders and many more both in good and challenging times. Africa however has so far not been able to capitalize on its demographic bonus – its large population of youth.

It is estimated that about 10 million young Africans arrive on the labor market every year. The dilemma remains however, whereas youth unemployment in urban areas remains stubbornly high, sub urban and rural communities suffer from skills gap especially in education, health care and environmental protection. ICT, business skills and entrepreneurship development remains on high demand in most urban and sub urban areas.

The African Union Youth Volunteers Corps intends to harness the potential, creativity and skills of African Youth by promoting youth volunteerism and service. Youth volunteers, apart from contributing to the need for skilled man power, would gain crucial work and international experience and bring people from various cultures together.

Profile of AU Youth Volunteers

  • African Citizen or African Diaspora
  • Age 18 – 33 years (average age 26)
  • Post-secondary certified training and qualifications (Bachelor equivalent) with above average performance.
  • Available to dedicate minimum of 12 (twelve) months to 24 (twenty-four) months for volunteer work.
  • Fluency in at least one official AU languages (Arabic, English, French, Portuguese) and willing to learn others.
  • Verifiable minimum of one year of volunteer and one year of work experience.

Cost Implications

While Youth Volunteers are not expected to earn a salary, they are however not expected to incur losses related to their deployment. It is estimated that the deployment of one volunteer for 1 year costs between 8,000 and 10,000 USD. These costs mainly consist of the following:

  • Monthly Living Allowance ($300-$600 estimate)
  • Travel from home country and back.
  • Health insurance for the period of deployment.

Currently there are three models for covering the cost of deployment:

  1. AUC sponsored: The African Union through contributions from Member States together with its partners will cover the cost of deployment.
  2. Member State sponsored: Deployment of volunteers is covered by the respective governments of deployed volunteers.
  3. Host Organization sponsored: The organization requesting the services of youth volunteers provide them with a monthly stipend and other related cost

Combinations of the three models of sponsorship including self sponsorship are also common.

Expectations of Hosting Organizations

In order to reap the dividends from engaging a youth volunteer, host organizations and institutions are expected to make all the necessary preparation and continued follow up. Developing terms of reference or scope of work alone may not always lead to maximized results despite the high motivation from volunteers. The basic requirements towards host organizations are:

  • Develop a terms of referents (TOR) / scope of work prior to volunteers resumption of duty.
  • Provide volunteers with work space.
  • Assign concrete tasks to volunteers with measurable outputs.
  • Provide in-country support and orientation (especially in the first month)
  • Provide volunteer monthly living allowance and health insurance (if indicated as sponsor)
  • Any additional provisions.
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